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Yan Zhao Culture

    The Spring & Autumn Period and Warring States Period, Hebei belonged to Yan State and Zhao State, therefore Hebei is also named “Yanzhao”. The story of Jingke assassinated King Qin is well known for all people in China. Because of that, Yanzhao culture became the greatest traditional culture of Hebei. Yanzhao culture is a kind of region culture with strong characteristic. “Be free and loyalty, be heroic and generous” is its spirit characteristic, is the sole aspect of Yanzhao culture, has the plain and primitive characteristic. Yanzhao culture has the formidable personality strength, and is gradually maturing in history. The greatest style of literary and arts in Yanzhao area is “be heroic and generous”. It is the fixed invariable image, which is the sole aspect of Yanzhao culture. At the end of Cao Wei, Cao Cao and the other poets' activity center is Ye city. Their poems' style is bold and plain, generous and loyalty. Their literature creation style and the works have a kind of spirited and tragic style, called “Jianan Fenggu”. The cultural characteristic “be heroic and generous” formed and matured in the Warring States period, was praised by the people in the Sui and Tang dynasties time, till Ming and Qing Dynasties time it was still influencing people. It has continued around more than 2,000 years, formed glorious and stable tradition.
??The length and breadth Hebei earth raised sixty-seven million Yan and Zhao children, and Yan Zhao children all multiply and live in here. They not only has created the ancient Yanzhao culture, but also has formed Yanzhao Xiafeng who passed on from generation to generation. “Sui Book·Geography Will” writes:“Be heroic and generous”, “Be strong customs and loyalty”, “If the brave people were said since old times, they must come from States You and Bing.” Han Yu, the head of the eight great writers in Tang Song Dynasties,  has a famous saying, says “Yan Zhao has many heroic and generous men”; The greatest writer Su Dongpo in Song Dynasty also once sighed with regret: “The Place in You and Yan had many heroes writing in the historical books since old times.” Indeed, there are many heroes generation by generation on this land since old times. The Handan knight-errant is writed: “After thousands of gambles abundant families were still rich, after several revenges the body wasn't dead”; The State Yan assassin is writed:“The wind is blowing strongly and the water in Yishui River is so cold, as soon as the brave soldier leaves here, he will no longer come here”; The brave Zhang Fei from Zhuojun City is writed:“He roared on the head of Dangyang bridge, the bridge broke and the water flowed backwards”…… These has played a intense and resounding tune Yanzhao elegy. Since thousands of years ago, as a special social & humanities tourist resources, Yanzhao Xiafeng and the honorable Hebei folk custom always called in all directions tourist to experience and feel by its huge inspirational force.
    Handan is the capital city of ancient State Zhao. Here has formed Yanzhao Culture district taking this as the center. In here, you may see King Zhao city ruins, Zhaowulingwang terraces, the Yan Xiadu ruins and Pingshan State Zhongshan excavation and so on, and experience Yanzhao culture's “Be heroic and generous” and “Be strong customs and loyalty”.

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